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Spring and other opportunities for growth

Hurray!!... It's Springtime!..... And as the days begin to get lighter for longer, and Spring blooms we breathe a sigh of relief, something begins to lift and there's a freshness in the air... Don't mistake me, I have learnt to love the cosy Winter, the turning inwards, and the warm solace that lies curled therein. Winter is a wonderful time for resting and reassessing... When things die down - when the trees lose their leaves and things become bare - we see what lies beneath, when we become still we can listen. What is revealed can be challenging..... but a perfect time for envisioning what positive changes could be possible and planting the seeds.

Spring is the time for change - for shaking off the heavy cloak of Winter and moving....tending to the shoots of those ideas planted and embracing the opportunity for growth. Inspired by this I have been consciously building the concept of growth into my practice and my classes.

It's so beautifully simple how movement in the body, breath and the mind facilitates conscious change, and vice versa...

Long may we be open to grow and change, and be informed and supported in this by our practice, whatever shape that takes.

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