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It's a sign.....

Sometimes we all need a little reassurance.

We get it from loved ones - friends and family, colleagues and sometimes....signs.

Now, I'm not a massive hippy in this regard (actually I am, I just keep it quiet!) but I have noticed that when we need them, and more importantly when we look for them - we are given signs.

They could come in many shapes and forms.....and are, by their very nature, self-generated - so essentially, you can see them wherever you look and make of them whatever you will.

This aspect, far from being the undoing of the phenomena, is where the power and responsibility lies -

'Where attention flows...'

So what do we want to see? What do we attract and what do we take from it?

We decide.....

Recently, I have been engaging with a big shift in my presence as a Yoga Teacher - finally connecting more to the possibilities that social media can bring, and whilst building this new website, I have been faced with defining myself and my . actual . words.

The horror.

(In reality it has been really really positive, and enjoyable - ?!)

Taking on most of the work myself - I have had a little help from my friends...

Photos that managed to replace my awkwardness with love and joy, captured by my gorgeous man (he just told me to think of our son!)

My beautiful logo was brought to life by my brother (great designer, lucky me) and really captures the strength and freedom I find in yoga.

And yet, there was so much to do that I have felt a little overwhelmed at times...

So imagine my delight when, feeling a bit tired and unsure of myself - I was given a sign.

Fruit picking with friends on a really hot day, I returned to the car to get my boys' hat.

The sun was streaming through the window, and reflecting off a cd, alighting on my boys hat it gave me this...

I know...right?

Now the naysayers will be saying ''s a coincidence. not a gift'

Maybe - but I'm taking it.

And running - no...flying with it, with my smile spread as wide as my wings.

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