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new dates coming soon

A ceremony of sound and movement  

accompanied by an orchestra of plants

Together we will explore our connection to sound and vibration

through the vessel of the body accompanied by an orchestra of plants

have you ever wondered what plants sound like? what music they might make?

through the process of biodata sonification we can now hear, feel and respond to the sound of plantlife - we have technology that reads Slight variations in the electrical pulses of living plants and converts those pulses into waves that produce harmonious sounds

in Re:sound we have created a huge stunning, altar of plants - an orchestra if you will -  creating an immersive experience literally pulsing with plantlife.

you will be bathed in A symphony of nature


what the workshop looks like....

After a warm welcoming circle 


BODY MEdicine - The first part of this workshop will explore experiential practices including Yoga, Somatic movement, Rakku (fascial release) and Breathwork to prepare and open the body to receive.


plant based bath - Having co - created a cosy nest in this beautiful resonant space, we will rest and be wrapped in layers of sound and vibration...celebrating our natural bio resonance through live Mantra, Tibetan Sound Healing and plant magic.


This is an invitation to come home to yourself….. 

A Re:Membering that we are part of nature - not apart from it.

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booking for this workshop is made directly through brydie rowan yoga
to book in please contact me directly
here for details
please bear in mind that our last Re:sound workshop sold out in a few days and we have a waitlist to honour
WE look forward to being with you

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