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Moving with Metta

Vinyasa Flow or Dynamic Yoga is a wonderful, stimulating dance like form of Yoga - modified from the Ashtanga school of Yoga it was developed in America in the 90's to create more freedom of movement within the practice and a wider interpretation of the form. 

It is fluid yogic movement inspired and governed by the breath.

It is life changing to some, and 'Yoga-lite' to other, more traditional yogis.

Wherever we are coming from in our view of this, it is a fact that in the modern world we are met with the idea that we must constantly strive to attain - Yoga has not escaped this entirely.

Sure, there is much inspiration and positive energy to be derived from the safe demonstration of beautiful asana that we see on social media, and yet there is a balance needed....

Grasping at the next stage of a particular posture or physical form we are in danger of missing the point, the benefit, perhaps even the essence of Yoga...

A practice that covets what has yet to be attained will always overshadow the beauty of what is already in place.

Slow Flow Yoga takes the emphasis off accomplishing something and puts it more on experiencing something.

The concept of Slow Flow Yoga is not just about the pace with which we move our bodies or the shapes we create - it’s a question of purpose....

We all have our personal reasons for getting onto our mat, questions that arise when we're on the mat.

Whatever question you’re asking yourself and whatever the answer you may arrive at, SPACE enough for the inquiry is going to be required.

Slow Flow Yoga offers the grace of fluid movement and addresses the need for more space and stillness, room to cultivate an appreciation for the subtlety and nuance of the in-between moments.

This workshop works with you where you are, starting from a place of acceptance and softness, finding space in the place just before your edge and uses asana, breath and visualisation to feel into that space -building a unique practice that makes sense for your mind and your body.

Working inwards, it will invite you to approach your practice (on and off the mat) with a true kindness, Moving with Metta.

Dates and destinations to be announced.....

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